How do you import videos from Sony Handycam to your computer?

If your Handycam supports it, you should have a connecting cable and a CD with the required software to do the task. For certain models, you may be able to just plug it in and copy files to and from the device just as you would with a USB pen drive.

What are must-see places to visit in Los Angeles (LA)?

To all these wonderful answers I want to add two things:,A walk along Santa Monica Beach. There is a coastal trail perfect for a bike ride, a long walk or roller blades.,I went there today and the sky looked witchy:,I would also suggest a hike up Temascal Canyon for stunning, panoramic views.,I've heard rumors that out there beyond the clouds is a

How do you record a journal entry for a note payable?

Y0 Note issued.u2026 u2026 Cash u2026 u2026 u2026 u2026 u2026 u2026 u2026 9,286 u2026 u2026 u2026,u2026 u2026 u2026 Notes Payable u2026 u2026 u2026 u2026 .. 9,286,Y1 Interest accrued.u2026 u2026 Interest Expense u2026 u2026 .. 232 u2026 u2026 u2026,u2026 u2026 u2026 Notes Payable u2026 u2026 u2026 u2026 u2026 .. 232,Y2 Interest accrued.u2026 u2026

Do they know the exact spot the atomic bomb hit?

Watch the video at,If you donu2019t want to watch the entire 15 minute video, then cue it up to about 07:45. The Hiroshima target is marked with a red circle. It is a T shaped bridge.,You can see it at Google Maps where it is the T shaped bridge at the point of land immediately above the PEACE BELL

What are some of the best Bluetooth headsets for making phone calls?

I use Bluetooth while driving and require a fair amt of clarity for the same. I am using a Zebronic product. The clarity is good and the price range is around 500 INR. ,There are high value sets which are available and it also depends on your budget to spend on this device.

How do you make the Cheesecake Factorys Cinnamon Roll Pancakes?

Wow. In these Coronavirus times, the Cheesecake Factory has really been going all out with thoughtful recipe releases of some of their popular dishes!,Sooooou2026. what do you do when you combine Cinnamon Rolls and Pancakes? Well, besides potentially diabetes, you get one kick-ass SUPER SWEET Breakfast and Brunch delight! Behold, the Cheesecake Fac

As a chef, have you ever laughed in a customers face?

Yepu2026..a business man was having breakfast in the hotel I was executive chef. He was yelling at the server that the corned beef hash was not corned beef hash. My hash is rustic style. Dark beer braised cured brisket, fine diced with carrots, red onion, Yukon gold potatoes, fresh thyme, S&P and minced garlic. Simple. served with eggs your style.

What is the best Apple wireless charging station?

Itu2019s good to be a proud owner of Apple products including iPhone, iPad, a pair of AirPods or an Apple Watch. However, charging them individually with cables and different stations becomes clumsy oftentimes.,Although, there are various options for 3-in-1 Apple charging stations you can choose from. But choosing the best one can be tough job. So,

How do I remove white cement from tiles?

If a Ceramic tile, Granite tile- Acid wash will dissolve the cement.,b. Cement base tile i.e mosaic tile, color cement tile- The white cement will stick hard and it can be removed by polishing only. c. marble tile- Polishing is the only solution.,2 Wall tile. a. Ceramic tile- Acid wash will remove white cement. b. Cement base tile- Polishing with a

What travel destination is not worth the money?

Meteor Crater.All throughout my childhood, I was led to believe that this place was an amazing, must-see attraction that would blow your mind! I was enthralled! I begged my parents to go to Meteor Crater.,Then, my parents announced that we were taking a trip around northern Arizona, and they asked me what I wanted to see.,u201cMETEOR CRATER!u201d I

What are the pros of studying in Paris?

1.,Three colleges and universities in Paris are ranked within the top 115 higher education institutions in the world by QS World University Rankings. Ecole normale supu00e9rieure, Paris, Ecole Polytechnique, and Universitu00e9 Pierre et Marie Curie offer high quality programs in the liberal arts, sciences, technology, and medicine. These and other

What is the most important invention in human history?

I can't give you a list, but one important invention was the rocket. Robert Goddard was nicknamed u201cLooneyu201d because people said man could never go to the moon. Hitler advanced Goddard's work with the V-2. With that, the US and Soviet Union began the space race.

What is the best cryptocurrency exchange?

Earn a $15 BTC credit just for signing up! u2013 Voyager.,Featured Broker u2013 XTB.,Best for US traders u2013 Coinbase.,Best overall u2013 Coinbase.,Best for choices u2013 Plus500, Etoro.,Best platform and tools u2013 XTB.,Lowest minimum deposit u2013 Etoro.,Best for leverage u2013 Plus500.,and with the startup cryptocurrency investment company li

What are some healthy recipes that I can make on a budget?

It's quite easy to eat cheap and healthy at the same time. First, I'll provide a shopping list of cheap sources of each macronutrient. You'll save the most money if you can salvage coupons or buy things in bulk(from stores such as Costco).,,Shopping ListProteinChicken(Thigh, Drumstick, Wings, Tenderloin, Breast from cheapest to most expensive),Eggs

What time is Christmas 2020 around the world?

Christmas Eve, 24 December 202010am u2013 Christmas Island (Kiritimati), Samoa, Tonga,11am u2013 New Zealand (Auckland and Wellington),12pm u2013 Fiji, Russia (Far East),,1pm u2013 Australia (eastern regions), Papua New Guinea, Guam,3pm u2013 Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Indonesia (eastern regions),4pm u2013 China, Philippines, Hong Kong, Malay

How can we control costs in construction?

Think of some innovations in construction. Is it told in Vedas to use existing building materials ? For partition wall we can use Cement fiber board. And for Elevation we can use GRC which will reduce not only cost and labor but also time. Reduce all the Brick walls. The river sand is not only spoiled the environment, but once the river sand used i

What is the recipe of Honey Sriracha Chicken?

Whisk Sriracha sauce, honey, butter, garlic powder, onion powder, Italian seasoning, salt, and black pepper together in a small bowl. Place chicken in a baking dish. Pour Sriracha mixture over the chicken and turn to coatchicken completely.

If Singapore is so wealthy, why do its citizens feel stuck?

I donu2019t know. Why do they?,Iu2019m a 20-something-year-old working-class Singaporean born to working-class parents and grandparents. My familyu2014both paternal and maternalu2014has pretty much always been between working and lower middle.,When I was conscripted, I tried my best to save whatever petty allowance they were obligated to give us. A

What are some mind-blowing facts about Brazil?

The Amazon is the worldu2019s largest tropical rainforest covering 5.5 million square kms. Its so big that the UK and Ireland would fit into it 17 times.,The Amazon spans across Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela,Guyana,Suriname and French Guiana.,Around 400 to 500 indigenous Amerindian tribes call theses forests their homes. Many

What are some famous facts about you?

One fact about me.,I might seem to be wearing traditional dress of Myanmar, Cambodia. But, this is traditional attire of one of the major population of Arunachal Pradesh, a northeast state of India bordering so many countries.

What are some photos or links that show great modern home office designs?

The best office interior design makes a feeling of composed attempt and creativity by arranging in huge, open-plan spaces. One of the fundamental and inevitable spaces to be assigned to an office is a conference room. The room must be so designed and outfitted that stays aware of the respect and reflects the genuine image of the organization.

Do you see any contradiction with those multinational companies in Russia claiming to uphold corporate social responsibility but refusing to divest and leave the country in response to the 2022 Russia-Ukraine war? Why or why not?

You know, this is a war in which innocent people are dying day by day, fighting for their very freedom. Itu2019s the most vile such attack since Adolf Hitler went on the warpath.,So, when I see things like u201cmultinational companiesu201d and u201ccorporate social responsibilityu201d, I sort of tune it out, especially when consumers start complain

Will Mission Impossible 4 be a guaranteed success?

It depends on how you define "success." MI3 was the least grossing film of the three and MI4 is coming 4 years later. Also, Sherlock Holmes 2 is coming out the same day. The first Sherlock Holmes had a better opening than MI3 and is fresher on people's minds, at least on paper. There's a good chance it doesn't even have the best opening that weeken

What are some quick easy dinner recipes to make?

Carbonara. Boil spaghetti in one pot with salted water. In a pan, fry bacon. When done, drain some of the grease (not all), and crumble bacon into pan. Beat two eggs together with a healthy amount of parmesan. When pasta is done, dump into the bacon pan and coat the noodles. Turn off heat, pour egg/cheese mixture on top. Stir noodles quickly so tha

What are the differences between management and organization?

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ORGANISATION AND MANAGEMENT:ORGANISATION1. u2018Organisationu2019 is the structure by,which a harmonious inter-relation is,established between the workers and,their work.,2. Through organisation authority and,responsibility are delegated. These are,organisational activities.,3. Organisation is one of the various,functions of mana

Why dont they raise the price of Statue of Liberty cruise tickets?

Because it's a place that belongs to the citizens. Sorta like White House too. If they did this highest bidder thing then people would complain that the rich are yet again being treated different and privileged. Sorta like they do with the secret room in the castle at Disney World. They roam the park and pick one lucky family to stay there per nigh

What are some Catholic prayers for protection from evil spirits?

I have three favourites:,The Rosary: How to pray the RosaryPrayer to St. Michael the ArchangelnSt. Michael the Archangel, ndefend us in battle. nBe our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. nMay God rebuke him, we humbly pray, nand do thou, nO Prince of the heavenly hosts, nby the power of God, nthrust into hell Satan, nand all th