What is the biggest culture shock you have ever faced?

A literal shock:I did all my schooling from Himachal Pradesh (state in India).,People there were very soft spoken, honest, calm and all those sweet things. Hardly any fights in school, all friends.,So this thing was common there like if you pick up a fight with someone:,You: Marega mujhe. Maar na. Maar. (Will you hit me? Come on hit me.),Other Guy

How secure is Exodus as a crypto wallet?

The Exodus wallet has a built-in trading feature. This is provided by the exchange platform Shapeshift. It makes swapping one currency for another very quick and easy. It might not offer as low prices as you will find on exchanges like CoinBase and Bittrex, but it is great for non-professional traders wanting to buy different cryptos.,No Exodus wal

How do I shoot great selfies?

Instagram: arielemily97,Heres some tips!,Put the camera outstretched and high! Men are generally attracted to shorter women so a downward angled picture gives males the impression that a women is beautiful. Having a higher vantage point will also prevent double chins! Heightened angled photos flatter both women and men because they show off collarb

How do you make chicken nuggets at home?

It's very simple yet dilicious and mouthwatering recipe.,INGREDIENTS,Chicken pieces (boneless), lime juice or vinegar, soya sauce, red and green chilli sauce, tomato sauce, salt, black pepper, roasted cumin powder, egg,bread crumbs and oil for frying,METHOD,marinate chicken with all mentioned ingredients and keep it aside for atleast 15 minutes and

Is it possible to travel (Filipino-Swiss) to the USA under Visa waiver program and after 90 days, will exit going to Switzerland? And while in Switzerland I will apply for a working visa to work in the US, if approved, Ill go back to the US? Thanks

You cannot apply for a u201cworking visau201d on your own unless you are qualified for something like an EB-1 or EB-5. Employment-Based Immigration: First Preference EB-1 Those are extremely difficult to get unless you are something like a Nobel Prize winner or you have several u201cOscaru201d wins to your credit. Otherwise, the application must co

Whats the best and easy online video editor?

With the emergence of YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Vine, and many other social media platforms, video making and editing have become more demanding skills. But to make sure of this, you have to be privileged with the best online video editing tool.,You will come across various popular names if you research online video editors. Personally, I like Pik

What are some tips for providing good customer service?

Here are some:,,Invest in relationships,Show your personality whenever possible,Donu2019t drown customers in platitudes,Warn about trouble spots or price hikes in advance,If you want your customers to feel better afterwards, start with the bad news.,Keep your cool in all situations,Use buffers before bad news,Recommend your competitor

Where are American Airlines flight attendant bases?

Google your question about the number and city location of American Airlines Flight Attendant bases. For security reasons, my guess is you will not be able to find exact locations - only airport cities

What is kitchen garden?

The Kitchen Garden is a space separate from the rest of the residential garden the ornamental and lawn areas.,Most vegetable gardens are still miniature versions of old family farm plots, but the kitchen garden is different not only in its history, but also its design. The kitchen garden may serve as the central feature of an ornamental, all-season

Which are the most "Germanisedu201d non-Germanic countries and regions of Europe?

Were it not for the language, Czech Republic and Slovenia would be almost unrecognisable from Austria. Very similar culture, very similar way of life, very similar history, architecture, food, even nature is similar.,I would say that these two countries win this particular race hands-down(*).,Next in a row would probably be North Italy, Croatia, Hu

What are some colors that go well with navy blue?

A quick visit to Google is really all you need to do:,navy blue color palettesTry it yourself next time!,Click here: GoogleBelieve it or not, itu2019s even faster than posting a question on Quora.

How can I stay cheap while traveling to Brunei?

Lonely Planet certainly has a way of summing up places in a singular, most satirical manner. Just who are these people behind the guides, and how do they achieve such acerbic perfection?,More specifically, take a read at the opening paragraph that introduces this humble nation to the world:,u201cThe small sultanate of Brunei almost looks like a geo

Where are the best places to visit in Latin America?

It is pretty difficult to pick just a place, as the whole Latin America is incredibly beautiful, from north to south. I think the most impressive place that I visited is the land of ice, water and wind: Patagonia, on both sides, chilean and argentinian.,This remote area of the planet offers majestic nature and incomparable views; challenging but re

Where can I buy cheap Fujifilm Instax Mini film?

This was the cheapest I saw, if it's the right kind.https://www.walmart.com/ip/FujiFilm-Instax-Mini-Instant-Film-Sheets-10-count-2-pack/43922214?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=0&adid=22222222227031718300&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=t&wl3=65398337231&wl4=aud-310687322322:pla-120507370631&wl5=9026839&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=8175035&wl11=online&wl12=4392221

Why is Scorpio considered the strongest female zodiac sign?

Hi,,Scorpions are considered the strongest because:,They can find ways out of sticky situations.,They are highly honest,Ambitious Power, position and money are their key motivators,They are passionate and intelligent.,They keep secrets well.,6. They can distinguish between good and bad.,7. They are very patient.,8. Scorpions are good at making stra

Which is the best place to visit for a honeymoon in India in 2022?

A question for you newlyweds u2013 Is your immediate quest to zero in on a destination that makes those special days of your honeymoon truly memorable on?If so, Sri Lanka cannot be overlooked. A honeymoon in Sri Lanka, much like its spices, has so many flavours by way of culture, natural beauty and warm beautiful people, making it is quite hard to

How do I make solar eclipse glasses?

Understanding why you need goes a long way in making safe solar eclipse glasses. You may already know this, if so you can skip to the next paragraph. Normally the Sunu2019s radiation is so intense that you do not look at it directly. However the solar eclipse gives you a reason to look at it for a prolonged period and it even facilitates you lookin

How is the Facebook follow button implemented?

I think FB may have changed things, because all of the answers I saw here were wrong, at least if itu2019s not a business page. You click the arrow to find settings. Then on the left side, choose u201cpublic posts.u201d That brings up a box where you can choose who follows you. If you choose u201cpublicu201d then FB will add a separate u201cfollowu

What powerful knowledge have you learnt from just a photo?

This stunning photo of the moon accompanies an ABC article which includes some powerful knowledge regards what will occur tonight over Australia. Enjoy.,Partial lunar eclipse will make Moon look almost 'ghostly' over most of Australia tonight. By Genelle WeulePartial lunar eclipses don't usually go as red as a total lunar eclipse. It will look much

My laptops screen changes color when I plug an external monitor. The laptops screen becomes washed out as if I increased the contrast. This is on windows 11. Does anyone know how to prevent this from happening?

Iu2019ve got a few guesses:,When you plug in the external monitor your system goes to mirrored mode, so the laptop screen moves to a different resolution which is not a very good fit for the display. Sometimes the drivers, when scaling a resolution, make guesses on what to put on the pixels, and they do not do a very good job.,Same as 1 but your re

What incident has traumatized you for good?

I have had quite a few throughout my life. Iu2019m answering anonymously as this account is linked to my Facebook and there are things I donu2019t want family/friends to see.,I have an eidetic memory. I remember things from as young as 1 year old. When I was 3, we lived in a one bedroom motel room. It was my two sisters, my mother, and me. We had a

Why does my teenage son get so upset when I go through his things?

Because thatu2019s an invasion of privacy. Instead, try just sitting down with him and having a talk about drugs or whatever youu2019re looking for. Donu2019t go through your kids things, donu2019t look through your kids phone, donu2019t read your kids diary. Privacy is a right, no matter what your relationship is whether people are dating, parent

Is peanut butter really fattening?

I remember when I was running 80u201390 miles per week. I would polish off a five or six hundred gram jar of peanut butter. Not per week.,Every day.,Spoonful by spoonful, I would pound this stuff directly after a run. No bread. No jelly. Just me and the jar. Occasionally a spoon, as well.,Honestly, I didnu2019t know anything about nutrition back th

Why hasnt Mount Kailash been climbed yet? Is the reason it hasnu2019t been climbed yet due to spiritual or political reasons, or simply because itu2019s a physically impossible task?

I was randomly watching YouTube videos and saw one about Mount Kailash , Then I spend my whole day reading articles and YouTube videos about Mount Kailash. I am not sure am I eligible to answer this or not but will try.,I am Hindu and my views might reflect Hinduism (sorry for that, I don't know much about the Mount Kailash and its association with

How do you write a sample for an authorization letter to claim a check?

Not sure what youu2019re really asking for here. Are you wanting to claim a check? Or are you asking for someone to give you authorization to claim a check, probably for someone else. In the first case:,u201cGentlemen/Madam/Preferred form of address::nI am writing to claim check number XXX which is owed to me. I am owed this check becauseu201d u202

Why are HP laptops so slow?

With time almost all laptop slow down. The system accumulate a lot of files and data over time. It is important to regularly clean out your laptop so that as your computer ages, it doesnu2019t significantly slow down.,The common causes of computer slowdown could be:,Too many program running at once,Running out of disk space,Software issuem virus/ma