Why does Asian Development Bank have its headquarters in Manila, Philippines rather than other major cities like Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore or Bangkok?

To answer this question, I will have to take the context of your question out of the equation and brush it to latter part of this response.,First and foremost, one has to consider the organization's historical and economic conditions at the time of the development of the ADB, 1966.,During that period, the Philippines was leading in all economic ind

What are the most important facts about the statue of Christ The Protector in Brazils Encantado thatll be taller than the statue of Christ The Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro?

The facts:,Encantado is a small town in southern Brazil.,The statue is being built in donated real state by families that idealized it 10 years ago.. Itu2019s cost is quite lowu2026 R$2 million. Again, from donations to an organization responsible for building it.,Rio de Janeiro mayor responded that u201cbuilding a big Christ statue was easy, he wa

What are some examples of practicing good company culture that a small business can do?

Looking at our own culture here at 7Geese (team of 13), one of the first visible aspects I noticed when joining that speaks to our company culture and good practices of culture is our weekly lunch and learn.,Every Wednesday one or two team members present on a topic of interest for the rest of the team during an organization paid lunch hour where w

Why are the coldest places on earth found at the poles?

During the day, the sun heats the earth. At night, that heat radiates back into space as infrared. At the poles, there is a day of six months and a night of six months. It then make sense that it gets very, very cold during the polar winter!

Is it safe to eat a half done fried egg?

Thereu2019s some risk with partially-cooked eggs, such as sunnyside up or soft-boiled. The primary risk is salmonella, and it may be present INSIDE the shell of an uncracked egg. Personally I accept that risk, I will eat sunnyside up eggs and soft boiled eggs because theyu2019re delicious, and my immune system and health are pretty good. I have enj

Whatu2019s the biggest thing you hid from your parents as a teenager?

My mom did not like fireworks. I snuck two big firework tubes into the house called Fireball I bought one day. I hid them under my bed. One day my mother and father were away. I decided to set it off in the backyard. Being fifteen years old, I thought it was a great idea. I was carrying it down the hallway when my seventeen year old sister came out

What is the most chilling room ever designed?

Iu2019ve never spoken about this experience, it changed me. The most chilling room was in the Mental Health unit.,Looks like a playroom for children to play? Itu2019s an isolation room, found deep within a mental health facility.,Trying to place words of the experience into a short read, for myself I canu2019t-This photo must have been a brand new

What is the cutest baby picture ever?

Every single parent has this doubt ud83eudd14,At what age should I do my Baby Photoshoot?,Well, see what Sujata from But Natural Photography says about it!!,From the moment your little one enters the world, life changes forever.,And with motherhood, starts an array of decisions and questions.,One of them being, u201cAt what age should I get my baby

Today, I saw my dog rolling around on a dead frog on the ground. Why?

Dogs love smelly things. The only theory I ever heard was that dogs roll on smelly things to cover their scent. Purely a theory so I donu2019t know how true it is though. I had a chocolate lab who loved to stink. He would hunt down skunks at night and would be so proud of himself when we would walk out gagging at the smell. My beagle mix has rolled

Is backing up my data, then formatting my laptop good protection against malware? After that, how do I get my data back onto my laptop filtering out the malware?

To get rid of Malware 100%, first READ the steps carefully and completely, then follow.,I installer genuine and licensed antivirus software like Symantec Norton or Bitdefender or Kaspersky. Don't think or ask about any other brands.,Connect to internet, activate and completely upgrade the antivirus software and scan complete laptop through it.,Now

What is the best digital professional photo printer?

I guess it depends on your budget, really, but I recommend the Canon Pixma Pro-100 ($350-400). It will certainly do A4 and even larger, and the images are amazing. Print speed varies based on print size, obviously, but I would anticipate an A4 size print would take about 30 seconds to complete. Check around to see if there are any hard numbers on p

Why is Australia time zone 12 hours ahead of most of the world?

Itu2019s not. Itu2019s actually less than six hours ahead of most of the world.,Australia spans three hourly time zones (GMC+8, +9, and +10), although the actual times in Australia are in five different partial time zones, due to the middle part of the country being offset by a half hour from +9, and due to inconsistent adoption of daylight savings

Which countries should I visit in Africa? Why?

I like to visit low income countries with a good track record of peace, safety, and political stability. I get affordable trips and that way, I can go to more countries.,Zanzibar and Tanzania.The best words I keep hearing is that Zanzibar is a paradise island on earth. I gotta make a trip out there to see it myself. A friend of mine just got back a

When will Russia get off its knees?

SARC OFF,Iu2019ll tell you my thoughts about Russia while showing you around two new suburbs in the south of Moscow. Warning: it is going to be a long, hard read but Iu2019d appreciate to have your full attention and I promise to do my best to reward it.,My colleague Evgeni and I hit the road on Monday evening. At 10.57 pm we were drove south from

Why are most of the airplanes painted white?

Interesting question. Nearly half of the passenger airplanes flying today are leased by the airlines from big plane leasing companies. It is easier and cheaper to lease a standard white airplane and then just change its logos than repainting the entire plane (which some leasing companies may not even allow).,,u200bnu200bnDecorative painting are exp

What kind of tile should I use for a shower?

Things To Consider While Buying Shower Wall TilesSmall-sized glass tiles work better than large-sized Ones in a shower,Use a second tile type to add contrast,Consider how much cleaning and maintenance it will need,Add a luxurious and trendy look to the shower,Best Tiles For Shower WallsGlazed Porcelain Tile: This is the very best material that you

What is the best American beer according to the British?

You realize when you ask a question like this, youu2019re inviting an avalanche of answers like, u201cNone of it! Itu2019s all tiger piss! Those Yanks donu2019t know how to make beer!u201d And, though American, I have to agree that there is a good amount of the stuff made in my country that has no taste of any value. (Everywhere except in the forme

What is the SWOT analysis of hotel companies?

What is the SWOT analysis of hotel companies?The SWOT analysis is a useful tool to make a quick analysis of a business case or project because it looks into the fundamentals of it and its environment and makes you think how to use your opportunities and overcome your threats, by existing strengths. Also, you can see the impact weaknesses have on yo

What are the "must-haves" in modern kitchen design?

I would say ;,Engineered stone or granite. bench tops. ,,Not having u201csoft closeu201d drawers and cupboards doors seems a bit archaic so you need them.,A good range hood is better than any window you could open, and it's definitely a must have.,Anything else is up to the customers space, tastes and preference to design decisions . Since there ar

When will the Huawei P Smart Z get the EMUI 10 update?

Huawei announces EMUI 10 update scheduleShenzhen, China, 20 January 2020 u2013 Huawei today announced the global schedule for Huawei devices to receive the free EMUI10 update. First unveiled at Huawei Developer Conference last August, the latest version of EMUI10 introduces a new interface, Dark Mode, improved performance and security and support f

What are the most unusual prison programs?

San Pedro Prison, BolivianInmates in this prison actually pay for their cells, which requires them to work inside the jail. This causes the interior of San Pedro Prison to look more like a village; children playing, market stalls, and even restaurants are present. There are no officers and no bars. Cells cost between $1,000 and $1,500, and are typi

What are some good globalization essay topics?

World culture vs. Local culture,Part of globalization is the ever expanding reach of popular culture that is spun out by the entertainment industry.,What will become of local or indigenous cultures in light of this trend?