What is a good cheap microphone for gaming?

Headsets are always good, but can get expencive, when i was young i used my laptop mic or my hey you pikachu mic(works suprisingly well yes pikachu ignored you) if you have old games laying around id check but buying any mic or headset worth something is gonna be 30 to 60$ minimum

How do I convert Pacific Time Zone to Indonesia Time Zone?

Western Indonesian Time (WIB/UTC+7) = Pacific Daylight Saving Time (PDT/UTC-7) + 14 hours = Pacific Standard Time (PST/UTC-8) + 15 hours.,Central Indonesian Time (WITA/UTC+8) = PDT+15 = PST+16,Eastern Indonesian Time (WIT/UTC+9) = PDT+16 = PST+17

What is the maximum protein intake per day?

To my knowledge, the answer varies with every research that comes out. I've had more than 300 gm intake per day at times without any side effects (none yet at least). Ideally, it depends on your body weight. Athletes usually go for 0.8 to 1.2 gram per pound of body weight and it is a safe and adequate amount of protein to consume.

Why cant I search for filters on Instagram?

Instagram doesn't allow you to search for filters from the actual camera u2014 or anywhere, for that matter. ... Once you've tried it out, you can save it by tapping the name of the filter and selecting u201cSave effect.u201d The other way you can attempt to find filters is to follow the hashtag associated with it.

What is the importance of Bhagya Udya in astrology that is related to the 9th house?

If an individual is going through a happy life, it means Bhagyodaya has initiated for him or her. Bhagyoda understood as the starting of a promising time occurs because of past life good deeds.,The Dharma Trikon(1st/5th/9th) of BhagyaThe first house shows Oneu2019s temperament, behaviour, cravings, and flavours, Stability to labour and Development

In what ways are you still a child?

I still fall off from my bed while sleeping. Only that i don't cry anymore, get up and get back to sleep in milliseconds.I play ringa ringa roses with the little ones at home and make sure that I'm the first one to u201cfall downu201d. And do that.. Hahahahahaha!I'm very much fascinated by water bubbles and never fail to buy one whenever I pass by

Where did the idea come from to put a camera on mobile phones?

Iu2019m not sure thereu2019s a record of exactly why the camera and the phone were mated in the 2000s. But there was some precedence.,The InspirationWell, we have television. Philo Farnsworth and friends developed that thing that gave everyone the idea we could send video over the air. So in the 1930s, everyone knew this was possible; by the 1950s,

Why is the Airbus A380 not being ordered anymore (after 2015)?

Tl;dr: I think what has limited its sales to a fraction of what the Boeing 747 achieved is simple:,It fits a business model that was comprehensively re-thought around the same time it came on the market;,Itu2019s limited in where it can go; and,Itu2019s only really efficient to operate to destinations that have made substantial investments to be ab

Which is the best 7-star hotel in India?

Top 7 Star Hotels In IndiaIndia is the second most populous democratic country in the world and is well known for its commercial and aesthetic wealth. It is newly industrialized country and holds diverse culture, languages and traditions. With its rich history, geographical diversity and magnificent beauty it attracts many international tourists to

What does the bible say about polygamy?

No.,But it does require that anyone fit to be a leader must be married to only one wife. It has become a Christian mark of moral leadership to be monogamous.,Also divorce and remarriage is not allowed unless the partner has been unfaithful, which frees you from blame.,Andu2014if you have sex with someone that is u201cmarriage equivalentu201d snd yo

How do I score a 95+ in class 12 board economics?

Hey there,So economics trouble started huh?,First of all friend i would like to suggest you..not to run behind marks instead try to run behind your syllabus(try to complete it in minimum time).. marks will automatically catch your pace.,Great..well one can easily score a good percent of marks in economics it becomes more easier for the person if he

What is a marketing mix?

The key difference lies in the platforms which these two sides use. Traditional marketing includes TV, Newspaper Ads, Radio, Magazines, etc. As you can see weu2019re all familiar with tradicional marketing methods, theyu2019re easy to understand and weu2019ve used them for decades.,Digital marketing includes Email, SEO, Content marketing, and as yo

How can I communicate with my spirit guide?

Ask. One has three methods that Iu2019ve filmed and recorded over the past ten years. One is to use hypnotherapy - deep hypnosis with the help of a hypnotherapist. Itu2019s one of the first things they do after examining a previous lifetime - to ask for the guide to come forward.,Second is to seek out the help of a medium that one knows is accurate

Whats a typical meal in the Netherlands?

The culture is changing slightly.,Dutch cuisine isnu2019t widely known to be exciting. Bread and potatoes are the staples.nA lot of food is utilitarian. Plain, filling, seasonal, and mostly made with locally grown ingredients u2014 except that thereu2019s a fairly generous use of spices. Ingredients like pepper, soy sauce, chilli, mustard, nutmeg,

Why did we start the year after Christ was born?

The Gregorian BC (Before Christ)/AD (Anno Domini) system is only one. But all systems use some event to mark a u201cfirst yearu201d because thatu2019s really the only way to do it.,For example, I commonly have to use the Japanese calendar, which means this is Heisei 30. Thatu2019s often on meeting minutes and forms at my job, and in other places. I

How do I read Economic Survey for civil services exam?

Hi friends ,,Economic survey is an important document released by the Government every year reflects the year that has gone by and the year that will come.,Every year,in prelims few questions are asked from economic survey .However,this is such a huge document that students find difficult to read and spend too much time on it .,Common mistakes comm

Is Palawan part of Luzon Visayas or Mindanao?

Palawan is part of the Luzon group of islands.,There are three main group of island in the Philippines.,Luzon group of islands or kapuluan ng Luzon,Visayas group of islands or kapuluan ng Visayas,Mindanao group of islands or kapuluan ng Mindanao

Who has the strongest military other than US,China and Russia?

Thereu2019s a big drop-off after Russia, China and the US. After them, India probably has the most powerful military. India is only behind China in terms of total active duty military personnel. There are currently 1.4 million active-duty members of Indiau2019s armed forces. The Indian Air Force has over 300 fourth-generation fighters, making it th

How do gas stations know what prices to constantly set their gas?

How do gas stations know what prices to constantly set their gas?What are the factors determining gas price at the pump?,The price of gas is a combination of the price of oil, taxes, refining, distribution, marketing and profits. The two biggest driving forces are the price of oil and taxes. The day to day changes you see at the pump are mostly dri

What are things you can not take on a plane?

Any object larger than 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches (22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm), including handles and wheels.,Alcoholic beverages for consumption in flight or any alcohol over 140 proof.,Liquids or gels in bottles over 100ml except for baby formula or prescription drugs. No limit on nitroglycerin as long as you have the prescription.,Ammunition, f

If the Germans had lasted a year or two longer in WW2, would they have been so technologically ahead that they would have won or had a significant advantage?

The last new type of vehicle the German Wehrmacht ordered in WWII was a horse-pulled cart.,The u201ctechnologically aheadu201d thing was 100% propaganda.,The u201cWunderwaffeu201d thing was 100% lies so that the German population wouldnu2019t just surrender in despair.,The Nazi way of doing things was fundamentally incompatible with large scale inn

What does it mean if I dreamt of my boyfriend meeting my family for the first time?

Youu2019re asking for an objective answer to a subjective experience, doesnu2019t work.,Allow me to rephrase,u201cI dreamt my boyfriend met my family for the first time and Iu2019m wondering if it means anything. Should I act on the dreams I have?u201d,Dreams are a way for spirits and your subconscious to communicate with you. Your dreams are uniqu

What is the best shutter speed for outdoor photography?

Here's my quick guide to basic things which you should take care while taking pictures. I'll tell you from simple mobile photography point of view, as there are already many answers which are relating to DSLR. n,Avoid Outdoor photography in afternoon. Sun is overhead and light is maximum. This direct light spoils your photograph, creating over expo

What are some rare pictures that we have never seen?

Happened to see this old grannyu2019s photographs online today, and I canu2019t resist to share them on Quora now.,17 years ago she, this old granny, 89 years old now,started her phtographer career, fell in love with it and developed her own featureu2014u2014bizarre selfie style.,Hanging herself with clothesRiding tail swingingHead chopped by shove