How much is $100 in pesos?

Around 20 countries use a dollar as their currency. Which one are you asking about? Fiji? Australia? Hong Kong? Liberia?

What goes with gray walls?

Choosing grey as the main or base colour of your decor opens up a great number of options as to adding interest.,Depending on the type of grey you have chosen you can add pretty much any colour depending on the look you are looking for.,If you have a light grey and are trying to add interest or depth to the rooms look at adding darker, vivid colour

What is the value of joining Next New Networks for an online video brand?

Branded channels target healthy niches, good exposure on YouTube (moreso if the buyout rumors are true), in-office green screen studios (NYC), great team of people, and a proven track record with hits including Barely Political (Obama Girl), Backyard FX, Autotune the News, and Key of Awesome.,DISCLAIMER: I've never worked for or with NNN, but I kno

How much is 1 dollar in pesos?

Many countries call their currency dollars, such as the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The Zimbabwe dollar was abandoned when it was thousands to the US dollar. Many countries, mostly in Latin America, but also the Philippines, use pesos. So be more specific. Actually, there are many web sites where you can get current e

What should I use as storage for my new gaming PC?

I would recommend you to buy a WD Black 4TB HDD.,It's way better than 500GBu20131.25TB storage you get.,A sandisk SSD will sustain 200u2013300MBps only. It's not quite good performancewise(sandisk extreme pro is good though),WD 4TB black drive has the capacity to sustain 200 MBps so it's quite good.,Instead of a 40u201360MBps HDD with a 300MBps SSD

As a bartender, what are the most popular drinks that you make for your customers?

Working as a bartender at an event venue doing weddings, showers, birthday parties, fundraisers, black tie galas, business functions and every other event you can think of, I serve such a vast array of people ranging from every age group, gender, race/ethnicity, religion, and financial background. Thus I think I can probably say I have a good under

What experiences have you had that you would describe as a miracle?

One time I was hoping that I could have a friend, and an older lady at church told me that God told her that I needed a friend, and she offered to be my friend.,One time we had no money for food or toilet paper in our campus apartment. We had been down to making bread out of flour and water on a pan because that was all that was left. We received a

Is it okay to cook food with the oven door open?

Usually food in the oven is heated when the hot air touches the food and heats up the food by conduction. This how baking and roasting works. Sometimes you might want to broil food in the oven. During broiling the food is cooked by infrared light. By opening the oven door during broiling you can observe the food more easily as food can be easily ov

Should I buy an iPhone 11 in 2022?

Every year, Apple unveiled a new iteration of its iPhone.,In September 2019, it was the iPhone 11, which was launched with the release of the Pro and Pro Max versions.,The iPhone 11 was the successor to the iPhone XR, the cheapest model in the phone lineup that was made official in 2018.,The iPhone 11 is technically less capable than the iPhone 11

Why cant the Japanese speak English well?

Part of the reason is the way itu2019s taught in Japanese schools. Itu2019s pretty much a requirement, and most Japanese do well in their English classes. The problem is that what they learn pretty much has no relationship to colloquial English so they have to do a massive u201cunlearnu201d to progress to the point they can have a normal conversati

What object describes your life or personality, and why?

GULAFSAN (My name)nPronunced as /gulaf-sha/Meaning: Queen of flowersYeah! That flower which is used for ornamental purpose almost in every event!,It reflects the love for helping others. I am success oriented, inventive, influential, tolerant, friendly, spiritual, creative, expressive, humanitarian.,.,According to astrology, an object that describe

Does marijuana affect your food allergies? I had two food allergies test before and after marijuana and the results were quite different (skin test). Most allergies were reduced in severity.

It can. It can have a cross-reacting affect with a number of other plants, such as tomatoes and peaches, so there is substantial peer-reviewed clinical literature documenting marijuana causing allergic reactions to other foods.,It was long thought that CBD was even worse, but some studies have demonstrated that it is relatively benign. Though many

What is your favorite thing to put on bread?

I think I have a bunch of favorites. They probably canu2019t be called, u2018favoriteu2019 though because I canu2019t single down on one thing that I really like, but here we go :),Nutella,Credit : Gluten free on a shoestring,2. Peanut butter,Credit : Ambitious kitchen,3. Sandwich spread with mayo and garlic,Credit : Vegan recipes (Wordpress),4. St

How do you get a collateral loan with bad credit?

Most often the answer will be no, but it depends on how bad your credit score is, what caused the bad score, and the credit policy of the bank that you approach. Assuming that you live in a country where there are credit reference bureaus (CRBu2019s), then invariably the bank will search your credit history as part of its loan assessment process. I

How do I pursue a career as a financial analyst?

Iu2019ve never thought that I would become a financial analyst before, for my major is computer science and technology, which doesnu2019t seem to have any relation with it. Until when I gradually got interested in stocks and economic area, and developed huge admiration for analysts, who are so knowledgeable with great efficiency.,Then I decided to

Does the angel ever make clear to Mary that God, not Joseph, is that father of Jesus?

Well, let's have a look at that paragon of veracity, the Christian bible, King James Version, for an answer:,Matthew 1:18-25 (once you get past all the begats) says that Mary was found to be "with child" and Joseph was going to end the engagement. Then he had a dream that told him don't do that, "for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Gh

Are there Right-Wing elements in the Green Party of England and Wales?

Yes, definitely. Iu2019d say there are three major factions within the Green Party as it stands today (and Iu2019m using internal terms here):,Watermelons (Green on the outside, red in the middle - eco-socialists),Mangos (Green on the outside, orange in the middle - former lib dems),Deep Greens (who invented the watermelon term as they are green al

What are some good entry level bird watching equipment?

This answer is partially an appendage to Stewartu2019s answer.,Iu2019m not advertising in any way, just recommending based on my experience.A good binocular for entry-level birding would be the Bushnell Falcon 10x50 or the Bushnell Falcon 7x35. They has a really good aperture, clarity, and zoom. Itu2019s the ultimate starter binocular. Packs a punc

What is an essay about quantitative research?

Generally an essay is, according to Wikipedia, u201ca piece of writing that gives the author's own argument.u201d So once you have defined what quantitative research is (some good definitions in other answers here), you need a thesis statement that shows your point of view about it. Something like this would work: u201cQuantitative research only go

Which American president endured the most difficult times in United States history? Why?

I think this is a fairly easy answer - there are 3 in my view:,- Washington - He was the first president of a new country and had numerous challenges related to making things happen. ,- Lincoln - As others note - he faced a divided country (Washington generally did not) and was tasked with fighting a vicious war within his own country. He certainly

What is the meanest thing your mother in-law did to you?

My former MIL is one of the smartest women I know. I married her oldest son (she had five sons) at a young age and learned a lot from her. The tides turned when I realized how controlling she was and how perverse her relationship was with my husband - he put her before me. All of my sister in laws would joke about who was in the lead for daughter i

Should white nationalism be illegal in the United States?

You donu2019t ban ideas, no matter how unpopular they are. Even the whole idea, in my opinion, is cowardly. Are you saying that you canu2019t make a good enough argument against white nationalism that you have to use coercion to shut them up?,If white nationalists engage in criminal activity in order to advance their ideas, then that is already ill

How does one make a "vieux carre" cocktail?

Here's one way....n,1 ounce rye whiskeyn,1 ounce Cognacn1 ounce sweet vermouthn1 teaspoon Bu00e9nu00e9dictine D.O.M.n2 dashes Peychaud's Bittersn2 dashes Angostura BittersnMix all ingredients in a double Old Fashioned glass over ice; stir.[1]n,nThe drink was invented in 1938 in New Orleans, and in French it means "old square" which is the French te

How do I write a power of attorney sample?

How a power of attorney is written depends upon to law of the state in which you are in. It's not a big matter to hire a lawyer for this. Itu2019s not complicated but if it is not drafted and signed properly, it may not be valid.

How does a website recognize a "device"? We have four computers and several mobile devices that all present the same IP address, but are not the same "device" on the Internet. What identifies a "device"?

It has everything to do with what's in the HTTP headers sent by the client device. Things like what browser software is reported to cookies and more.,The IP address is merely something that gets data to your front door. Sometimes an IP address is used to deny service to the u201cwrong neighborhoodu201d. It might hint at who you are, doesnu2019t ide

What is the best budget wireless gaming headset for 2022?

When looking for gaming headphones you should go for wired ones as wireless headphone have high latency that mars the gaming experience.,Some of the names I can suggest are:,JBL Quantum 100,EKSA E900,Redgear Cosmo,Also check out this blog post.

Ever since I was a child I saw myself saving someone, animals, fairy from harm in my dreams so many times. I even took a spear for someone in a spiritual dream. What is the meaning of this common factor from Islamic POV on dream interpretation?

Salam,,As per the Islamic dream interpretation, one Islamic dream interpreter from the earliest generation of Muslims named Muhammad bin Sireen (ra) mentioned what a spear might mean in a dream.,He mentioned if the spear has a tip, then a brother or son will be born within your household, but it if has no pointy tip then only daughters will be born

What is an alternative software like CyberLink PowerDirector video editor that is for free with no cracking involved and thereu2019s a PC trial version for a month?

If you want a very good free Video Editor then I can recommend HitFilm Express, totally free - forever and no u201cWatermark until you payu201d rubbish.,Download HitFilm Express | for Mac & PC - fxhome.comThe other thing which is very good about HitFilm is that you can expand its already very good capabilities all the way up to Pro. You donu2019t n