Do snakes make good pets? Why or why not?

It depends on what you want to get out of a pet and what qualtilities you value (or seem neccessary) in one.,If you want an animal that loves company, wants to be handled every day, is constantly out on display, and can develop a strong emotional attachment to its owner, then no, a snake is not for you.,If you want an animal that is relatively low

Which continent does Russia belong to?

Depends on what you consider a continent. Russia either spans two continents: Europe and Asia, or belongs in Eurasia. ,By most standards there are 7 continents in the world: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Antarctica. Yet, some geographers combine Europe and Asia into the Eurasian continent. , Russia is the larges

What is the best USB microphone for conference calls?

This is difficult to answer. Quality is subjective (somewhat) if you are talking most accurate and most detail capturedu2026 that is probably a scientific microphoneu2026 but they usually do not work well in music studios for many reasonsu2026 they will pick up any and every flaw imaginable. It is better to think in terms of what is the MOST import

In Chinese cuisine, what is a bao?

Itu2019s a bun - called u201cbaozi/baou201d in China and u201cbaou201d (also spelt u201cpaou201d) in Chinese communities overseas..,The bao usually have a cooked filling, filling can be sweet such as red bean paste, lian yong pau (lotus paste), purple yam paste (pic above), or liu sha bao (salted egg yolk custard (orange coloured bao); and or savor

Is there any PC better than iMac?

This is my setup - iMac 5 27u2033 and side by side with a Windows laptop (Dell XPS 13 9360) with a 27u2033 display.,I use both. So I feel I can comment without bias.,I use the iMac for my Photo and Video work (creative work). I use the Windows laptop for my office/WFH work (bread and butter work). Both have advantages and disadvantages.,But one thi

What is a good, cheap laptop for gaming? Iu2019m not a gamer, so Iu2019m not looking for an expensive gaming PC, I just want to be able to play some games that wonu2019t wreck my current laptop which I use for school. my budget is around $600

If you are dead set on getting a laptop from this yr, look for some deals and anything with a 1650 or 1050 is fine for casual gaming. However, look at previous generations of laptops that are 8th or 9th gen as they perform great still and you can get them much cheaper.

What colour mix to make violet?

Violet Colour can be made by mixing different proportions of red, blue, and sometimes white paint. For example, equal amounts of red colour and blue paint produce magenta, while less red paint and more blue paint produce blue-violet colors.,Try these two colour combination for bedroom walls if you want to get your bedroom wall painted with violet c

Can you suggest some good video making software using pics?

Google will make one for you automatically if you just upload the pictures to the Google Drive; it will even add fancy music to it.,Pretty much any editor, such as the u201cWindows Movie Makeru201d (free component of Windows), if you add photos to it, will automatically place them at the u201ctimelineu201d as a sort of slideshow; you then only deci

What are some good marketing pitches on social entrepreneurship?

The marketing pitch for social entrepreneurship varies a bit by sector (ie energy, etc...),Here are 7 core lines of reasoning I would suggest:n,The current model is flawed. The market is distorted which results in X harm.,CSR is good for companies (The Good Index of the Stock Market proves). I believe some of that is based on some studies which sug

My Asus Zenfone 2 isnt turning on and it isnt charging too. How can I resolve this?

First method,Try to charge overnight with another charger and cable, preferably an original one. This would solve the problem if it's simply a matter of drained battery.,Second method,Press down on the power button for 20 seconds, let go, and then wait for 20 seconds before plugging in the charger. This might be useful if it's a matter of static el

What are some of the most cringe-worthy things that tourists do in your country?

I live near Banff National Park. If you havenu2019t heard of itu2019s a National Park in Alberta in the Canadian Rockies. Photos of it seem to turn up every few days online in places like national geographic, imgur, and reddit.,Itu2019s definitely lovely. And super, super crowded.,After all the park sees nearly 5 million visitors annually, with pre

What are some short stories about husbands?

Time: 8:00 pmHubby came home after a long day in office.Wife: Hey honey, Tomorrow is my momu2019s birthday. We are going to my momu2019s house tomorrow evening, right?,Just after this, she went to the kitchen to get him a glass of water.Hubby(while drinking water): Yeah sure.,And in his mind, he was trying to figure out how would he be able to comp

How should I prepare for a performance review?

Honestly; and be harsher on yourself than they will be because then that gives your supervisor/boss the opportunity to be a supportive/coach instead of having to burst your bubble of high self praiseu2026.,If there is a larger disconnect than that you might need a third party arbiter

Is it possible to show good credit without having a credit card?

You might want to try a co-signed loan,credit-builder loan, or secured loan.,There are ways to use your rent,utility payments and phone to build credit or you can seek the help of a credit expert (which i recommend is the best,safe and fastest method) like myself to help you build your credit without a credit card.

What features make East and South Asia a unique place of Earth?

The Spice Trade in Nusantara (Maritime Southeast Asia) that drove the discovery of the New World, a new phase of globalisation. Discovery of the US, the Potuguese, Spanish, Dutch, British and French Empires.,It all began with the galvanisation of the Spice Trade out of Malacca, by founder of then Malaysia, Parameswara in 1402.,An impetus to the Eur

What is the cheapest way to waterproof a terrace with tiles?

Terraces or passable roofs can lead to moisture problems. To waterproof the terrace there are several methods but they all follow the same process.,From Quilosa, we want to show you an easy and simple way to fix your own terrace with guarantee and leave ii ready for parties and other uses that you will have this summer.,PREPARATION OF THE TERRACE F

I accidentally formatted an SD card, is there any SD card image recovery?

Hello, There are countless apps for Windows/Mac designed to allow you to recover data that has been lost from your SD card. While everyone obviously hopes that theyu2019ll never need to use it, itu2019s important to ensure that you have the best SD card software available in case something does happen.,The Best 5 Free SD Card image Recovery Softwar

Can most Canadians name all the provinces and territories of Canada?

Can most Canadians name all the provinces and territories of Canada?My kids could do this by the time they were four years old. I would expect any child in elementary school to be able to do this. Not only that, but most Canadians can name every American state, locate it on a mapu2014and probably get the capital city correct as well.

Is there an iconic house or building from a movie you would like to stay in?

I have done quite a bit of traveling over the past two years, and in almost every country Iu2019ve visited I have experienced incredible acts of kindness from strangers. Iu2019ve come to realize that there are kind and wonderful people in every country.,Here are random acts of kindness that Iu2019ve experienced in 5 different countries.,1. KoreaI l

Which is the best brand of cast iron cookware and what makes it so?

As long as it is heavy it should be good. I have a chinese made one and one made in the USA. They both perform equally well. You donu2019t have to spend a lot. You can season them in the oven as they will hold a lot of heat. Some come pre seasoned but I always preheat and oil and let it cool on itu2019s own Keep it clean and dry and keep it oiled.

What is the best sushi dish?

Spicy Tuna RollAhi (tuna) rolls usually have a dark pink layer of raw tuna in them.,However, spicy tuna (or spicy ahi) usually includes diced or shredded tuna with hot peppers. The spicy sauce that sushi chefs use is usually orange and is about as hot as a banana pepper or sandwich jalapeu00f1o.,Tempura RollWith the contents prepared tempura,Tempur

Does Huobi charge a listing fee for new cryptocurrency listings?

I am unsure if they charge a price as they do not state it on their u2018apply to listu2019 web-page, but it does say the coin needs to have a trading volume of $100,000 for 30 consecutive days.,That doesnu2019t cost money, but does mean you likely need to be listed on another exchange before Huobi Exchange will accept you.,Hereu2019s a link to the