What are the most unusual things people have uploaded to GitHub?

There are quite a few bizarre projects one might come across on GitHub or anywhere else online. I mean itu2019s the Internet, right? Anything is to be expected.,Howbeit, some short scripts I read on GitHub some time ago really got to me.,The repository I am referring to can be found here. In brief, this absurdly lazy programmer attempted to automat

What are the best ways to learn logo design in Photoshop?

Costas Papaconstantinou already pointed this out, but I highly recommend that you create your logo in Illustrator, not Photoshop. Unless you are 110% sure that your design will never need to be scaled up (which is highly unlikely), Illustrator is the way to go. That said, if you do decide to create your logo in Photoshop here are the tools I recomm

How many calories are in an ice cream cone?

It depends on different factors. Mostly size and ingredients. Check out an app like u201cfooducateu201d for your phone or u201c"MyFitnessPalu201d ! You can even take a picture of the bar code of products and get and track mutrional information.

According to a BMR calculator my BR is nearly 1700 calories a day. I would gain nearly a pound a day at that level of caloric intake. What about the reduced metabolic rate of a person who used to be obese, but lost a lot of weight?

A tiny little old lady in a coma who is being fed 1700 calories might gain a pound a week, but not in a day.,It takes a surplus of 3500 calories to gain a pound, so at an intake of 1700 calories your u201creduced metabolismu201d would have to burn -1800 calories in order to gain a pound. Thatu2019s negative 1800! Your body would need to be absorbin

Which is better to study, a BSc or a BTech?

we canu2019t compare the courses, which one better. Both B. Tech and B. Sc. have their own merits and de- merits. It depends entirely on the studentu2019s areas of interest and skills before choosing either of the courses. B. Tech is engineering and B. Sc. is bachelor degree in science. Thus, it is advisable to first chalk out your skills, aptitude

Which countries can I hold dual citizenship in if Im already a U.S. citizen?

The US has no limits or regulations on its citizens holding other citizenships as well. But, like every country, while in the US holding US citizenship, a person is treated and is expected to behave exactly like every other US citizen does. They canu2019t, for example, get a US visa and enter the country as a foreign visitor.

How can I recover the funds extracted from my prepaid debit card sent to moneygram if they require a valid govt-issued ID and my wallet was recently stolen? DMV says it takes about 30 days to receive a replacement ID in the mail.

The best way I think you can do that and you will be free with them is to hire a qualified fraud examiner, you can release all this information to cyber securities agent they can be helpful in recovering all you have lost, cause these informations are to track down the scammers, if you keep them with you how did you want them to recover your lost f

What does an "f2.0 lens" mean?

An aperture is needed with clear lenses because there is distortion at the edges of the focused light. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camera_lens#Aperture_stops) As that aperture gets smaller, on the other hand, distortion from diffraction sets in. Most lenses have a "sweet spot" where the aperture is set to a middle value (often around f/8.0) where

In what ways is Linux superior to Windows and OS X?

Lets consider some use cases.,Desktop,Server,Embedded device/kiosk/other,Desktop generally depends, but often no.,As a desktop, it depends on your use. If you just surf the internet, you'll be fine with a chromebook which actually runs on the Linux kernel. Even if it's just Ubuntu or Mint, you'll at the very least be safer from most attacks. Now th

How do I gain 100k followers on Instagram in 2022?

You should aim first on create quality content more than getting 100k Followers in a year (that tbh is probably too much), but youu2019r doing the right thing aiming high.I will try to suggest some tips that you could follow in order to (try) reaching your goal:1. Get PromotedIf you want to grow on Instagram you need to promote your account. I want

How safe is it to use an aggregator torrent sites to down load a pirated media content for the residents of Western world (European Union, Northern America) and developed Asian countries (Japan, Singapore, etc.)?

It is not safe. Piracy is a crime, plain and simple. Not only are pirate downloads sometimes full of hidden nasty surprises (malware), but you are risking administrative or criminal punishments for violation of intellectual property rights. Donu2019t be a criminal - buy your content legally.

What are the top places to go or sights to see in Kyoto?

It depends on your taste for crowds, nature, temples, history, etc. I personally like Arashiyama (bamboo forest) and the Moss temple some ways South of it. In the East I like Nanzenji, Eikando and that area. I like these areas because they have beautiful temples with wonderful foliage. I tend to visit only in Fall and sometimes Spring. Summer and W

What are the best restaurants in Orange County?

Some of the best restaurants in Orange include:,Orange Hill Restaurant, which has almost all the things you look for in a good restaurant. Good quality food, excellent service, rich atmosphere, and whatnot. But it all comes with a price!,Citrus City Grille is among the top restaurants. It offers local cuisine with vegetarian-friendly options availa

What are the Leading Cities of Canada for Tourists?

Leading Cities of Canada for TouristsAre you ready to know about some wonderful places in the world to stopover?,So if you are planning to visit some beautiful places. The best choice is Canada. This country is situated in North America. There are uncountable Ares to visit with pretty sceneries, lovely and caring people,1:Toronto, OntarioOntario is

What are some examples of extraneous variables in psychology?

Anything can be an extraneous variable. Letu2019s say youu2019re doing a study on performance by way of an independent variable. Letu2019s further say that the furnace isnu2019t working right in the building, so the temperature in the building is about 62F. If the temperature effects performance, itu2019s an extraneous variable. It can be literally

I graduated culinary school and want to be a chef, but cant live on a cooks salary. Is it detrimental to take a full-time job with great pay and benefits while pursuing my passion part-time in fine dining?

You can not be a chef, without being a cook. Just because you graduated culinary school doesnu2019t make you a chef. The lifeu2019s experiences are learned and taught while being a cook which ultimately turn you into a chef with years of practice and refinement. I lived on a cooks pay for more than 20 years before I was finally a chef.,Dont live be

I am travelling to Manila, Philippines in coming march for two weeks, and have about a week to visit local nearby and cheap tourist attractions. Any suggestions?

If you have to mix business with pleasure, you'll be limited to the environs around Manila, where land travel is a pain because of the awful traffic conditions. Be sure to ask for local suggestions or have a Filipino friend guide you around. Download Google Maps of the local areas. Below are some of my suggestions:,La Mesa Dam - it's a forested par

Who will be the richest person in 2021?

LISTRANK,NAME,NET WORTH,1,Amazon,$194.3 B,$3.6 B | -1.80%,2,Tesla, SpaceX,$178.2 B,$6.1 B | -3.33%,3,LVMH,$175.6 B,$4.7 B | 2.73%,4,Microsoft,$130.8 B,$111 M | 0.08%,5,Facebook,$110.4 B,$2.5 B | -2.21%,6,software,$102.2 B,$291 M | -0.28%,7,Berkshire Hathaway,$101.3 B,$129 M | 0.13%,8,Google,$97.4 B,$499 M | -0.51%,9,Google,$94.4 B,$479 M | -0.50%,1

What are the Latest technology developments in electronics and telecommunications?

Transparent SmartphonesInventors, Jung Won Seo, Jae-Woo Park, Keong Su Lim, Ji-Hwan Yang and Sang Jung Kang, who are scientists at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, have created the world's first transparent computer chip.,The chip, known as (TRRAM) or transparent resistive random access memory, is similar to existing chips k

Why did the stock market crash in 1929?

No market would crash based on one factor. Multiple factors like credit boom, agricultural failure, people borrowed money to invest to get rich etc. I am going to explain one of them in simplest terms.,,A single person, letu2019s call him Mr. A, canu2019t get rich without fooling/cheating/making other poor. So, Mr. A decided to call his rich friend