How do I remove white cement from tiles?

If a Ceramic tile, Granite tile- Acid wash will dissolve the cement.,b. Cement base tile i.e mosaic tile, color cement tile- The white cement will stick hard and it can be removed by polishing only. c. marble tile- Polishing is the only solution.,2 Wall tile. a. Ceramic tile- Acid wash will remove white cement. b. Cement base tile- Polishing with a

Iu2019ll be traveling frequently from SLC to the Philippines (MNL) for work. What is the best airline to use to earn rewards and receive free upgrades?

You are in an interesting position as there are no direct flights between SLC and MNL and there are no direct international flights from SLC that would position you for a flight to MNL. Complimentary upgrades are tough to come by for transpacific flights but you may be able to earn rewards or miles to apply toward upgrades if you select an appropri

Was u2018Maharlikau2019 ever the old name of the Philippines?

The Untold Story of the Kingdom of the Maharlikans, now called The PhilippinesIn the early 1930u2019s, Europe was in a depression and Germany was financially bankrupt. An unknown party leader promised the German people that he could create jobs and boost its economy. The Germans dared him and put him in power. His name is Adolph Hitler. In June 193

What is the difference between old fashioned potato salad and German potato salad?

Not sure what you mean with old fashioned potato salad and what with german potato salad. At best my knowledge there are only two kinds of potato salads on the world (correct me if i am wrong): the Swabian (south german potato salad) - no mayonnaise especially- and north german potato salad (with mayonnaise). There is no u201cgerman potato saladu20

What are the best places to visit in Bangkok for a honeymoon couple?

So there are not many place for honey. If you really want to honeymoon in bangkok. I suggest Bangkrachao, There are not really bangkok but very close to central of bangkok.,In Bangkrachao, you can find hotel likes bangkok tree house, you can cycling around, shopping in Bang nam pheaung river local market, See local Fighting Fish Musuem.,Hope that s

What is the difference between the red, red & white, light blue and yellow inhalers? My husband has asthma & swears the red inhalers dont help him at all. The color coding of inhalers arent significant anymore.

According to my kids, color is only the manufacturer's or selleru2019s. The BIGGEST thing to look for is the ingredients in an inhaler. Ask any long-term asthmatic what they use or whatu2019s best. There is a huge difference. For my sons, Emergency/Rescue is Albuterol Sulfate, or LevAlbuterol and thereu2019s 5 dailies. They rarely use rescue inhale

What is the difference between living among alligators in Florida and doing so in Louisiana? Are they the same species? Where is the greater danger?

Gator country!,Letu2019s start out with population. There are about 4.3 million wild alligators, across 10 US states. Plus almost 1 million in alligator farms. But weu2019re just going to talk about two of the statesu2026 LA & FL.,Iu2019ve had the pleasure and adventure of living in gator country in both Louisiana and in Florida. In both states, my

What is the role of IMF and how does it function?

After World War Two, the winners created the International Monetary Fund to uphold stability for developed countries, along with the World Bank for developing countries. ,The names are arbitrary: Keynes saidn,The Bank is a fund, and the Fund is a bank!n,nThe IMF is supposed to help developed countries that have financial difficulties. Many have arg

How do I record my iPhone screen with sound?

You can use the default screen recorder of your iPhone. See the comment section to find out how to use the feature. But if you want to have advanced functions, you will need a third-party app. Apple did not provide all the features that users might need for various purposes. For example, you can't put audio commentary on your recorded videos, live

What are the advantage of taking holidays in America compared to Europe?

Way too vague to give any detailed answer.,Holiday from where? From Venezuela? Well, definitely there is not an advantage in visiting the US; some of the EU gives visa free entry to Venezuelans while the US does not, that is going to change however since CNN and a former Venezuelan diplomat are exposing this:,Whistleblower reveals passport fraudVen

How does Facebook Photos privacy work?

Facebook Photos privacy is complex. Really complex. Probably 10 people in the world intimately understand the privacy calculations involved when you attempt to view a photo on Facebook. That said, this information should be generally available, and the principles behind it explained. I will attempt to do so here.,The list should be read as a checkl

How much time should you spend visiting Palawan?

Thanks of A2A. I am thankful for having visited, several times, Puerto Princesa City and the u201cneigboringu201d town of Aborlan (70 kilometers south). However, I have never been to any u201ctouristu201d spot there, except for Baywalk in Puerto Princesa City.,I think if you spend 3 weeks, it will still be not enough if you are an adventurous / bac

Do Canadians really smuggle shoes across the Canadian-US border as Trump claims?

Early 90u2019s if you went to the factory outlet mall in Niagara Falls NY you would have seen the trash bins full of old shoes. You would wear the crappiest pair possible. For me, this sort of thing ended later 90u2019s when Walmart and factory outlet malls came to Canada. You can buy Walmart sneakers for $20 if price is your only concern. Back the

What is something about Romania that outsiders donu2019t know?

Fastest Internet in Europe, one of the fastest in the world. Starting to wire the servers after 1992, didnu2019t go with the phone land lines, or Cable TV (which didnt exist before 1989). When they did it, they did it directly with fiber optic. u201cThere were almost 18,3 million connections to the Internet in June, 2014. According to Bloomberg, in

What laptop configuration is needed for video editing and motion graphics?

Best Laptops for Video Editing & Animation in 2022Apple MacBook Pro 2021 u2014 Best Apple laptop for video editing.,Dell G5 15 SE u2014 Best budget video editing laptop.,Huawei MateBook X Pro u2014 Best Mac alternative for video editing.,Alienware Area-51m u2014 Most powerful laptop for video editing.,Dell XPS 15 u2014 Best value laptop for video e

What are the best public swimming pools in Mandaue City, Philippines?

I am also searching for pools and resorts in Mandaue City because Iu2019m going there next month and these are the ff. Pools I've searched.,Cebu Westown Lagoon - Mandaue City,Radisson Blue Swimming Pool - Cebu City, Cebu,Janther Pools and Spa master services - Mandaue City,Adult Pool - Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu,Just check this out on google so that you

Would you buy an iPhone 12 Pro Max or wait for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the biggest, most expensive entry in the Samsung Galaxy S21 range, so of course itu2019s directly competing with the iPhone 12 Pro Max u2013 Appleu2019s biggest and most expensive phone.,These are both big, ultra-high-end handsets, and both come with much of what youu2019d expect, including top-tier power and near en

Is the Lenovo Yoga 9i 14" 2-in-1 a good laptop?

Yes, the Lenovo laptops have gotten great reviews and this specific model is boasting great performance with the i7 evo platform, two other laptops you can look at however are the Dell Inspiron 2u2013in-1 and the HP Envy X360 which both have options for 11th gen intel cores and are 2-in1s.

How is Ninoy Aquino International Airport compared to Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport of Makassar, Kualanamu International Airport of Medan and Ngurah Rai International Airport of Bali?

TL;DR: Itu2019s not the best one around, but itu2019s not a fair comparison.One doesnu2019t simply put airports randomly around for comparison - Makassaru2019s new terminal was already operational when I went there on 2008 while Medanu2019s new airports was opened on 2013 and Denpasaru2019s new international terminal was open around that date.,Nino

What are the unhealthy effects of social media?

If you can't imagine your life without social media, you've probably fallen victim to the power that social networking sites have on people. The chances are that you've also experienced some of the negative effects of social media on people who use them.,The use of social media is associated with various issues, when it comes to peopleu2019s emotio

So I want to try writing a novel. Itu2019s plot is basically just the shenanigans a group of friends get up to, slice of life, is what I think itu2019s called. Iu2019m writing this for fun, but I donu2019t want it to be sloppily written, so any tips?

A novel has at least one problem that the main character or characters take the entire book to solve.,In Anne of Green Gables Anne's major problem is to be accepted and even respected by a small parochial community. She is an orphan and an outsider (She was not born in Prince Edward Island and, unlike Sarah Stanley in The Story Girl, her mother was

What is your best quality?

Let's hear the narcissist talk good about himself haha,What I believe to be my best qualities, in no particular order, are:,My confidence: I'm able to do things other people won't because they don't have the confidence to do them. Most of these things are either very fun, or in some way beneficial.,My lateral thinking skills: I can think outside th

What sandwiches can you make in an air fryer?

What sandwiches can you make in an air fryer? 09/01/21Hot sandwiches are best grilled or pressed in a sandwich toaster.,If you donu2019t have either, you can make a decent toasted sandwich in an air fryer.,Best with cheese as a filling as a hot gooey filling would be ideally done in an air fryer.,You can add other bits like ham and tomato if you wi

Where are the best places to live in Sydney?

The best place to live in Sydney really depends on YOU.,Sydney is MASSIVE. It can take you a couple of hours to drive from one edge to the other.,,nSydney even has different climates within it's borders. It's fringed on the east by beaches, where the ocean tends to dampen temperature extremes. As you head west, the ocean has less of an effect, and

Which states of India are about to lock down due to the corona virus?

KARNATAKA, ODISHA, DELHI AND BIHAR GO INTO VIRTUAL SHUTDOWN MODEWhile states such as Karnataka, Odisha, Delhi and Bihar went into virtual shutdown mode, the under-pressure Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) suspended the start of this year's IPL cricket tournament from March 29 to April 15.,he Board of Control for Cricket in India has dec

What does a u201cclear blue skyu201d mean?

The color blue is also associated with a clear blue sky or a calm sea. It is connected to peaceful scenes that are serene, soothing, and calming. Furthermore, blue symbolizes authority and brings desirable characteristics. Psychologically, this color symbolizes integrity, honesty, trust, and competence.,Spiritually, the color blue means coolness an