What updates add more value to a home than they cost?

No remodel has 100% return or more, except the reported (based on a national survey) new metal front door and that is like 102%. Updates might be cheaper than remodels, for example, paint or changing light fixtures, but they probably get dated faster so spend on what you will enjoy. If you are looking to sell a house, cleaning then painting gives y

Is it bad to kiss another girl while in a relationship?

If you have agreed to have an open relationship, then no. If you have never talked about the idea of being with other people while still dating each other, then yeah, probably not a good idea to kiss someone else.,However, this isnu2019t always true. My old roommate was a very affectionate person - he hugged and kissed (on the cheek) everyone, like

Can Adobe Photoshop be found on the internet for free?

Even though Photoshop is the worldu2019s most favorite and best graphic designer and photo editor for Windows & Mac.. You can use it for free.Hereu2019s my legit take on these topics for this answer:,Is Adobe Photoshop free?,Can it be downloaded for free?,Is Adobe Photoshop free?All Adobe products require an u201cAdobe Creative Cloudu201d account.

Is Teotihuacan different from Tenochtitlan?

Yes,They are in different places in the Valley of Mexico.,Teotihuacan rose in the Classical Period, around the first century BC, and collapsed in a peasant revolt in the 8th century AD. A period of drought weakened the city-state in a period of war, and the resulting starvation led to social collapse. The Totonacs of Tula took advantage of this and

What are some good reasons to leave the US for Australia?

Anonymity.,Also ,Enjoy Australia's Medicare, gun-control, compulsory voting, left hand driving, chicken parmigianas, mates, weather. Probably better availability of jobs too tho not for long. Better public holidays. Summer Christmas. ,Don't look forward to the cost of rent, petrol prices (although admittedly a lot better since Christmas) in fact th

In Excel, how do you calculate percentage difference?

u201cIn Excel, how do you calculate percentage difference?u201d,With any formula, rather than just memorising how to type it, it helps to first think about the relationship you are trying to measure. If you understand that, you wonu2019t need to remember the formula. It will follow logically from the concept,So how do we think about percentage diff

Why are more and more people having Christmas dinner in pubs and restaurants these days?

Because itu2019s a lot of work and a lot of expense to host Christmas at home (especially here in Australia during a heatwave) working for a day and a half in a hot kitchen, setting enough tables to include everyone, dealing with different dietary requirements. I never get to sit down with my guests and family until the meal is well over. I usually

Whats the scariest ride at Universal Studios?

If youu2019re talking Universal Studios Hollywood then the scariest ride under my perspective isu2026Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride.,See the video for yourself:,Because the ride is a high speed indoor roller coaster transporting guests through moments reminiscent of the 1999 Mummy franchise.,The ride launches the riders from a complete standstill t

What are the different types of Computer Science students?

The Elitist Jerk. This kid learned everything quickly or was already coding before he got to college. Either way, heu2019s super smart and has no problem letting you know he is super smart. Youu2019ll hate this little bastard, but youu2019ll still ask for his help.,The Moocher Male. You have no idea why this kid is in class. He clearly has no idea

What is the smartest Chinese zodiac sign?

Monkey. Google u2018crabbynook Chinese zodiac' and read interesting stuff about it though it's an older version. You can buy the new edition online.,Though you might have to look at the whole bazi chart for actual intelligence which you can Google 'smart in bazi chart'.,Bazi chart is your hour, day, month and year pillar. For example, day of wood h

What is the tastiest dish with the fewest ingredients in your experience?

Whatu2019s the most delicious dish with the least amount of ingredients?There are some clever combinations out there with fewer than five ingredients. But I wonu2019t quote any recipes I havenu2019t tried because I canu2019t properly assess the taste. Iu2019m basing my answer on what I make in my own kitchen, with a level of deliciousness I can ver

Where is a great place for breakfast in Manila?

It really depends on your idea of a great breakfast.,If you like a bayside breakfast, some outlet restaurants in Harbor Square in CCP will be pleasant. Pancake House is my go-to place there but you can go to the Starbucks if that's your thing.,Biker's Cafe in SM Mall of Asia's Blue Bay area near the water is also technically bayside, but it's harde

How could I safely download Photoshop CS6 for mac?

Hello Phptoshopper,nFirst of all I don't understand your concept of safe download photoshop. I assume you meant licensefree / virusfree .,Suppose you download lets say a version of photoshop CS6 for your mac and you use it safely. Adobe is a very generous company that will allow you to enjoy all the features without any hassel for 60days. Yes that

How do I change my Bitcoin wallet address?

Most wallets will generate a new address each time you receive money, but there might be an option to force them to generate a new address. This will depend on which exact wallet youu2019re using.,P.S. Donu2019t generate more than 20 empty addresses in a row, as this might cause issues.

How do you make prints of your artwork?

This is the first item that appeared upon making a Google Search.,This is interesting because, in the Philippines, thereu2019s a project called CARTELLINO Where Does the Philippines Stand If We're Not Moving Foward? u2014 Cartellino that is going to be launched inviting artists to send in works they are going to sell print copies of ON DEMAND.,____

Where can you buy Sagrada Familia tickets?

Iu2019d suggest buying them online - in advance. You can also buy them onsite, but when my family went there, they were sold out for the next three days and we could only see the outside.

How does a website recognize a "device"? We have four computers and several mobile devices that all present the same IP address, but are not the same "device" on the Internet. What identifies a "device"?

It has everything to do with what's in the HTTP headers sent by the client device. Things like what browser software is reported to cookies and more.,The IP address is merely something that gets data to your front door. Sometimes an IP address is used to deny service to the u201cwrong neighborhoodu201d. It might hint at who you are, doesnu2019t ide

How do you find the expected distance from the mean of the furthest outlier in a sample of size "n", generated from a normally distributed population with mean "u03bc" and standard deviation "u03c3"?

First lets derive the cdf and pdf of the minimum and maximum,Let {x_1 , u2026 , x_n} be an iid sample of a random variable X,Y := min{x_1 , u2026 , x_n} and Z := max{x_1 , u2026 , x_n},Let F_i, f_i be the cdf, pdf respectively for i = X,Y,Z,F_Y(y) = P(Y u2264 y) = P( min{x_1 , u2026 , x_n} u2264 y) = P(not[(x_1 > y), u2026 , ((x_n > y)]) = 1

What are the most insane things that German tourists do abroad?

I have been a tour guide with and for German groups. That means I have lots of experience, and I can compare with other nations, as I also have taken care of Japanese, Scandinavians, Spanish, South Americans and others.,Germans are often not very logical. When they have done something really crazy, and you ask them WHY? The answer mostly is: u201cA

Is Titanic the biggest ship ever?

u201cIs Titanic the biggest ship ever?u201dNope, not even close.,I tried to post the chart several times in different ways but it wouldnu2019t format correctly so youu2019ll have to look it up in the link below.,Giants of the Sea: How Modern Cruise Ships Size Up to the TitanicRMS u2018Titanicu2018 was 46,328 GRT (Gross Registered Tons), 882 feet lo

Is it harmful for our body to eat milk with banana?

Many people think that bananas and milk can not be eaten together, there will be side effects, in fact, bananas and milk can be eaten together. If made into milk banana paste. The milk banana paste is rich in protein, carbohydrates, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, vitamin C and other nutrients. Banana and milk can also be eaten together

What dress color goes with dark green?

The best color combinations usually change with trends and seasons, so there is no point in getting hung up over them. Also, the best dress color combinations vary from person to person based on age, gender, and eye and hair color as well as the skin tone. That said; there are some universally acceptable color combinations for men and women. Let us

How would you describe the flavor of Gatorade Blue?

There are quite a few u201cblueu201d Gatorades according to my ordering guideu2026,All Stars Berry,Cool Blue,Fierce Blue Cherry,Frost Glacier Freeze,The u201cblue flavorsu201d are either citrus (imagine a blue colored u201corange juiceu201d) or raspberry flavor or some mixture thereof.,I assume that the Fierce Blue Cherry is mostly cherry flavor, b