What happened in your office that became the stuff of legend?

In the first year of my first real job, there were many memorable experiences. One of those was working with a mysterious shadowy figure named Brett. No one knew what Brett did or what he worked on. He certainly didnu2019t work on my team, nor did any other team claim him. But the most notable thing about Brett was that he always needed data. Lots

What happens if youu2019re a Muslim and you dont pray?

I used to be that Muslim that never prayed, i would only pray Jummah prayer on Fridays and i would only pray my 4 farz and nothing else.,I never stopped believing in Allah or doubted being muslim or didnt believe in Islam infact even when i never prayed i knew i would die for Islam thats how much i loved my religion.,I just started skipping 1 praye

Whats the best low-carb pasta sauce that doesnt cost an arm and a leg?

u201cWhatu2019s the best low-carb pasta sauce that doesnu2019t cost an arm and a leg?u201d,I donu2019t follow a low-carb diet, just the opposite really, but this pasta sauce is low in carbs and high in flavor. Iu2019m assuming itu2019d be equally delicious on a low carb noodle substitute, right?,Spaghetti with Butter and Parmesan - Mark Bittmanimag

Can astrological predictions about marriage come true?

Compatibility In AstrologyIn ancient times, when in the East marriages were concluded between the parents of the bride and groom, it was horoscope compatibility that played a key role in making a decision. At the same time, we can observe a low percentage of divorces in such countries, in addition, the stability of Eastern marriages impresses every

How do I use apple cider vinegar to lose weight?

Due to the strong taste, acidity and low calorie count, I doubt you would be able to drink enough vinegar of any kind to cause you to gain weight.n nOn the flip side, it does not have any special fat-burning powers.n nSo, use vinegar if you enjoy it, but I would caution you to rinse your mouth afterwards, and wait a while before brushing your teeth

Is it possible to make money by selling sheet music online?

Do you have a stellar ear, and strong transcription skills? Maybe you have lots of sheet music just waiting to find a home. Selling sheet music online is another way to make money from your music, especially if you arenu2019t releasing a new album in the near future.,Through your Bandzoogle-powered store, you can sell sheet music as pdf files that

Why should we give glory to God?

Change the focus. When you say, u201cI didnu2019t getu2026u201d then it reveals that the focus is toward self. The standard that Jesus set is to focus on others and in trying to better their existence. If you do that then youu2019ll experience joy. Joy is better than happiness. Consider this teaching:,Have you ever noticed the oddity behind gift gi

What is the strangest archaeological object ever found?

Baalbek temple, in which massive stone blocks have been used with the largest of the stones to be approximately 1,500 tons and a size of 68x14x14 feet. Those are the largest building blocks that have ever existed in the whole world. Below is the picture of a stone called the stone of the pregnant woman Stone of the Pregnant Woman - Wikipedia and la

What does it mean if someone rarely makes eye contact when speaking to people?

Eye contact in different cultures convey different meanings:,"Given the increase in international business, communication across diverse ethnic cultures is becoming increasingly common for many businesspeople. ,There are four main communications styles, each style appropriate for different cultural and business settings depending on the objective o

What is an entrepreneur example?

1. Oprah WinfreyThe Oprah Winfrey Show.,2. Walt Disney3. J.K. RowlingHarry Potter book series,4. John Paul DeJoriaPaul Mitchell hair products, Patron Tequila,5. Madam CJ WalkerLine of beauty and hair products,6. Steve JobsApple,7. Andrew CarnegieCarnegie Steel Mill,8. Benjamin FranklinScientist, printer, politician, inventor, author, diplomat, busi

A medical breakthrough in cellular biology prolongs mid-life physiology for 250 years and cures cancer. The UNall governments instantly approve and fund for everybody to receive the treatment. What would happen geopolitically and economically?

A medical breakthrough in cellular biology prolongs mid-life physiology for 250 years and cures cancer. The UN/all governments instantly approve and fund for everybody to receive the treatment. What would happen geopolitically and economically?Our current life expectancy, generally determines the average age at which various professional and at tim

How has Mexico influenced the world?

Hereu2019s a short list which is by no means complete:,Corn (in all its forms including popcorn), tortillas (and the automated tortilla machine), chilies, chocolate, avocadoes, tequila, mezcal, pulque, rodeos (and at least half of the entire culture of Texas cowboys), rubber vulcanization, chewing gum, tobacco smoking, Saunas, the main u201cMu201d

What is promotional SMS vs. transactional SMS?

Transactional SMS: - From the busy schedule of your life, you must don't have enough time to read out all the unnecessary message but on the second note, you don't want to miss out your important messages like bank account information, train reservation, airlines system, Notifications, alerts, discounts and many more. Transactional SMS work over fo

How long did it take Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel?

Michelangelo began work on the Sistine chapel in 1508 and completed the work in 1512.,The work was made complicated at the beginning by Michelangelou2019s unfamiliarity with the fresco process. The first work he did had to be chipped off and repainted due to the plaster being too wet.,Michelangelo started at the end furthest from the altar, with th

Is there a good vlogging camera under $100 with a flip screen?

Nope your asking for a modern DSLR/Camcorder video capable with decent bitrate at a minimum 1080p 50 mbps that's gonna be 200USD+ for anything usable/practical,Best your gonna get for entry level is a YI 4k+ for Video quality and the features required to do vlogging keep in mind you'll have to drop 150+ in SD cards batteries and a proper mic in the

What are the strategic management concepts?

Strategic management is a field of management that helps business owner, professionals, managers, consultants & other stakeholders to learn & adopt tools, techniques and approaches to be successful in their business. It deals with vision, mission, values, strategy formulation, selection, implementation, monitoring, review & feedback for improvement

How did the Netherlands become a country with so many canals and waterways?

Every country has rivers. The Netherlands is no exception. In a low place, a river will form a lake, and the Netherlands has plenty of those. Many have been turned into dry land. The country has an elaborate network of ditches and channels to drain water from the land and pump it up into the rivers. In the early Middle Ages the country ran out of w

What is the best mirrorless camera on a budget in 2022?

Some of the models of the Olympus Micro four thirds system that are a few years old are still good performers such as the OM-D E-M10 and the E-M10 mk ii, mk iii and current mk iV.,Original E-M10 with 16 MP sensors, the body can be had for $150 an is nearly as good feature-wise as the 20 MP mk iV. and about 6 years old. Lenses for these cameras are

Is it common for Google employees to sleep overnight in the Googleplex?

I've heard some stories of this - especially among interns - but haven't witnessed it.,I personally slept over once, in the first few years. I can't remember the project; I guess it seemed important at the time.,I lived in SF and worked in Mountain View, and going all the way home seemed ridiculous if I was going to be up late anyway. So I tried ju

What is the most popular fast food restaurant in the world in 2022?

What's the number one fast food in the United States?Sorry folks, itu2019s not McDu2019s. Nor is it KFC.,I will argue the number one fast food is pizza and it doesnu2019t show up on the charts because itu2019s not a single franchise but rather many thousands of sources, from school cafeterias, to frozen pizzas in supermarkets, to local pizza shops,

What is the best possible way for women to lose weight?

I dunno about u201csecretsu201d, but one pretty uncommon but highly effective strategy for weight maintenance isu2026,Reverse Dieting.In the most simple terms, reverse dieting means that you s-l-o-w-l-y increase your caloric intake after youu2019ve arrived at your u201cgoal bodyweightu201d.,You simply eat 100u2013200kcal more per week (compared to