How do I get myself to become motivated and just study all the time?

Is it hard for you to get motivated to study?Letu2019s face itu2026,Itu2019s so easy to watch just one more YouTube video, or to scroll through your social media feed just one more time. But your exams are also approaching. Theyu2019re getting nearer by the day.nYou have a rising sense of panic, but you donu2019t know where to begin. The more you p

Can drinking coffee make you gain weight?

Others are correct in saying that black coffee offers very little in terms of calories and that coffee with milk, cream, sugar, and other ingredients can start packing on the calories.,But regardless how you drink your coffee, coffee CANNOT make you gain weight, nor help you lose it.,What makes you gain weight is taking in more calories than you ex

Will Microsoft Surface Book 2 launch in India?

My gut says yes. Not on the u201cofficialu201d launch day though.,It will be an u201cexclusiveu201d-ly expensive product though; I expect it will be something north of $2,000 USD (129,766.80 INR as of 2017.10.27) for just the base model. I paid something like $3,250 USD (210,871.05 INR) for my gen 1 Surface Booku2026 which is NOT the top of the lin

Which DSLR is better, Canon EOS 600D or EOS M?

If its a fight between DSLR vs Mirrorless. Winning party should be function of user and his needs, and not the camera in itself.,If you want to go into full fledged pro-photography go ahead with a DSLR blindly. Well not blindly ...,Reasons specifically being n1. No viewfinder, in daylight condition sometimes you might miss it.n2. Not enough lenses

What is the worst quality a person can possess?

An ex of mine and I went through a ton of stuff together.,We lived together for a few years, and went through the full roller-coaster of relationships.,I look back and I see a flip book of all the major events: the good times, the bad times, the laughter, the crying, my mistakes, my apologies, her mistakes, her _____.,Yo dawg, this girl could NOT a

Is Coca-Cola an element or a compound?

Neither. Coca-Cola is a mixture consisting mostly of carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, phosphoric acid, u201cnatural flavorsu201d (Shh, itu2019s a secret!), and caffeine.

Who started the Industrial Revolution in America?

The first factories were set-up in Lowell Massachusetts in the 1820s. The workers were mostly young unmarried women from the countryside. They lived in dormitories.,For those that love woodworking and you're trying hard to discover detailed plans to build your dream project, you should check this link. They share list of 16000 projects with step by

Does Wikipedia use artificial intelligence to generate any of its articles?

There are bots that write articles, but usually they are using data from a database to fill in templates. For example, rambot created 30,000 articles for US towns and cities based on US census data. Here's an example from Palo Alto, CA:,,The 2010 United States Census reported that Palo Alto had a population of 64,403. The population density was 2,4

Who were the most brilliant students amongst the Pandavas and the Kauravas, and what subjects and skills were they very excellent at? Could you also suggest examples of their learning skills, practice and special stories of their application?

Everyone had their own skills.,They died fighting for such things like who is most brilliant and still after so many years people are still thinking about the same as who is powerful, brilliant, best, etc.,I guess Balrama was the best who did not choose to participate in war.,Reason : Thr side of Balrama would win so itu2019s better he is out at fi

What are the best places to visit in Switzerland?

The whole of Switzerland is beautiful. Cities like Bern, Lugano, Lucerne, Zurich etc. are all impressive. I also highly recommend castles in Montreux, Rhine falls and any random Swiss village in the Alps. My top three favorites are: n1. Diavolezza (in Fall), n2. Zermatt (in Winter) and n3. Jungfrau region (in Spring).Diavolezza: Diavolezza is a sma

What is the best playlist to listen to while programming?

I tend to listen to sound tracks for movies or video games (got the idea from a similar Reddit post). The explanation is that these tracks are specially designed to provide ambient sound that will not distract you from, but rather, enhance whatever you are currently doing. ,Aside from that, I usually spend the first ~10 minutes of work or the durat

What are some types of fashion styles?

Dont forget "Fashion Food"!,,nVegetables have never looked so chic.,San Francisco-based creative young director and fashion designer Gretchen Ru00f6ehrs has blended food and fashion in her illustrations. Instead of creating pen-and-ink sketches, the fashion illustrator has used colorful fruits, vegetables and flowers to form artistic fashion drawin

What were some inventions that came as a result of the Industrial Revolution?

The following are key technologies that were the impetus for the UK's Industrial Revolution,in the 17th Century:-,- Newcomen's Steam Engine,- Arkwright's Waterframe,- Hargreaves Spinning Jenny,A number of innovators (e.g. James Watt) was able to use this as a foundation to create further Industrial technologies which allowed 17th Century cottage in

Which is the best air fryer?

Choosing an Airfryer brand is easy, as there are numerous reviews and rating criteria available on the internet. However, deciding which Airfryer size is best for your family can be difficult. If you are not a frequent user and do not cook heavy items like steak, you will need a 4-quart Airfryer for three people. However, if your family uses it oft

How many McDonalds locations are there worldwide?

As of their latest quarter ending September 30, 2018, McDonalds had 37,557 locations worldwide. Source: McDonalds Form 10-Q, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission for the quarterly period ending September 30, 2018.

How much is the iPhone 11 Pro in the United States?

Considering the iPhone 11 Pro for each storage configuration it is:,64GB is 999$ or 41.62$ per month.,256GB is 1149$ or 47.87$ per month.,512GB is 1349$ or 56.20$ per month.,I hope I conveyed the answer in a crisp and clear relevance.

How large was the Titanic ship compared to modern day ships?

This is a comparison on the Titanic versus a Nimitz class aircraft carrier. As you can see, the carrieru2019s island is still taller than Titanicu2019s funnels, despite the Titanic being on top of itu2019s flight deck:,In more comparisons:,Compared to the largest ships of today, Titanic was pretty small. She was almost 270 meters long and 28 meters

What are some cheap and best honeymoon destinations in South-East Asia?

I agree with the other answeru2026 El Nido, Palawan is the best honeymoon destination in the country due to having less tourists than places like Boracayu2026 the government is now controlling the in flocks of tourists in Boracay, but El Nido still has a more u201cprivate/secluded feelu201d.

What exactly makes India the greatest country in the world?

No, India is not the greatest country in the world.,We are 2nd in population, 131st in Human Development, 168th in literacy, 134th in Global Youth development, 41st in Competitiveness, 66th in Quality of life, 123rd in Economic Freedom, 122 in per capita GDP, 66th in global innovation, 122nd in Happiness and Number One in the world for searching -

Is kissing (Not drunk) cheating?

If itu2019s on the cheek, no.,If itu2019s on the hand, no.,If itu2019s a quick peck on the lips, not necessarily.,If itu2019s an extended kiss on the lips, yes.,If itu2019s a kiss on someoneu2019s genitalia, hell yes.

What is the best place that serves Hainan chicken rice in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Banana Leaf at Milpitas serves the most authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice I had in the NorCal area. Be sure to ask for the boneless version. ,Layang Layang in Milpitas serves a some-what decent version.,There are other Singaporean restaurants (Layang Layang De Anza, New Penang Garden) and some Hong Kong restaurants (HK Bistro on Castro) that also se

How do you differentiate fake memory cards (Samsung, Kingston, and SanDisk)?

Q: How do you differentiate fake memory cards (Samsung, Kingston, and SanDisk)?A fake card can boost the value of a cheap or even reject/faulty card from relatively worthless to tens of dollars or more, giving the counterfeiters a big profit for their efforts.,Detecting these fakes can be, by all accounts, extremely hard. The seller of the fake car

What major did you choose, and why? Do you have any regrets?

Short answer: I chose journalism, because it seemed fun and it played to my strengths (and it didn't involve organic chemistry). And yes, I have lots of regrets.,Long answer: Pull up a stump, folks, because this is going to be quite the tirade. A self-directed philippic, if you will.,[Ahem],I really like Bambi.,You know, the Disney movie.,(No wait,

What is the best vegetarian diet plan to gain healthy weight?

If you are a skinny person and wondering how to put on weight, we understand your struggle. Gaining weight is just as hard as losing weight. There may be various underlying reasons for why one might be facing difficulty in gaining or losing weight; such as thyroid, cancer, infections, celiac disease, diabetes, etc. This article is for lean people w

How do you make scrambled eggs without milk?

The best scrambled eggs I'd ever had were at a bed-and-breakfast. They were so much better than the eggs I made, and I asked the cook for her secret. She told me she'd taken a French-cooking class and learned to make them with water, not milk. I was skeptical, but the proof was in the pudding - or, rather, the eggs. They were delicious. So, ever si

Is number 8 lucky or unlucky?

Its definitely lucky, for !!!,Everyone? Nou2026,Its lucky for those who believe its lucky for them.,For me, its absolutely yes. Although I am not kind of strong believer of numerology but this number 8 really attracts me a lot. Casually when my sub-conscious mind totals up any figure around me and result is 8, whoaaa!! I know that I am going to suc