What are some popular dishes in the world that would suit an Indian vegetarian diet?

There are many dishes that could be made vegetarian without losing the soul of the food.,,Burrito (Mexican): Most Indians in the US love the Chipotle Burrito. It's got everything that Indians love: Chapati (Tortilla), rice, vegetables, spices and sour-cream. Both South and North Indians must love it. Be warned that refried beans may contain beef th

Which one is the most popular time zone worldwide?

Most people will not be able to make sense of time zones other than those of their own country and/or neighbouring countries. Someone from the USA might be able to understand Eastern, Central and Pacific time. A person from the UK (UTC) might be able to understand the time zones in France or Germany (CET) and vice-versa.,Even if people understand U

What facts, traditions or trivia are associated with Chinese Lunar New Year?

One trend that I've noticed this year is the many many depictions of anthromorphosized baby snakes. ,Decorations for Chinese New Year (as it's known in Malaysia) usually ninclude depictions of the animal of the coming year (according to Chinese Zodiac). So it's baby pigs, baby dogs, baby rabbits - that are drawn wearing and holding auspicious items

What are some of the best softwares to learn filmmaking?

OK, that depends on where you are going in the industry.,i.e. I am a pro photographer/Graphic Artist, so I have Adobe Suite CC and use Premiere Pro & After Effects. HOWEVER, I am only doing stuff for my clients & myself. I do not use any kind of u201cScript writing softwareu201d, you might need to use kind of software. Since Adobe Suite CC is my pa

What are the best type of headphones to prevent ear damage?

Your brain. Keep the volume down. DOWN. Hereu2019s information about safe listening levels. ALL headphones will hurt your hearing permanently if you listen too loud, too long. Sorry. Thatu2019s the way it is.,Load a sound level meter on your phone. Stick the mic on your phone thatu2019s measuring sound right in, or on your headphone speaker. Then t

What is financial accounting and what are its advantages?

Financial accounting is a specialized branch of accounting that keeps track of a companyu2019s financial transactions. Financial accounting is oriented towards the preparation of financial statements which summarize the results of operations for selected periods of time and show the financial position of the business at particular dates.nFinance an

Why didnt Australia have a larger role in World War II?

Didn't it?,The Australian Army at its peak (in 1942) numbered 476,000 - 6.6% of the population of the entire country.,In total, 730,000 men passed through the Australian Army at some point - an astonishing 20% of the male population of Australia.,400,000 of those men served overseas, with 40%, 160,000 men, serving in front line areas.,Australian so

What are some popular food items from Kerala?

I think almost all areas are fairly covered. But let me showcase my most favourite- the Payasams of KeralaUnlike other states, dessert in Kerala means Payasams. Kerala donu2019t have a huge array of solid sweets (yeah some of them exist like Unniappams, Neiappams, Halwa etc), but compensated by huge array of Payasams (Kheer, a form of puddings).,Pa

Why is VietNam developing faster than other ASEAN countries?

Worldu2019s Top Exports Report Card for Products and CountriesHigh-technology exports (current US$) - Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, PhilippinesExports of goods and services (BoP, current US$) - Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, ThailandWorldu2019s Top Imports: Products and CountriesWhen placed side-by-side to other ASE

Where does the saying Prince Albert in the can come from and what does it mean?

prank got its start,British ancestors enjoyed jokes any day of the year, not just on April Foolsu2019 Day.,By the 1850s, potters were making puzzle jugs with holes that let liquid dribble down a shirt front and beer mugs with a ceramic frog or snake inside waiting to appear when the beer was gone.,There were bronze figures that came apart to show a

Why is the Airbus A380 not being ordered anymore (after 2015)?

Tl;dr: I think what has limited its sales to a fraction of what the Boeing 747 achieved is simple:,It fits a business model that was comprehensively re-thought around the same time it came on the market;,Itu2019s limited in where it can go; and,Itu2019s only really efficient to operate to destinations that have made substantial investments to be ab

What is HDR photography?

High dynamic range (HDR) digital photography throws around a lot of vocabulary, which can be pretty confusing at times. Here is a handy list of terms you can use to help you get over the hump:,Bracket: A single photo in a bracketed set. The word u201cbracketu201d can also be used as a verb, as in u201cto bracket,u201d which means to take bracketed

How do you say good morning in German?

Guten Morgen - Good morning,you can also say u2018Morgenu2019 in reply to Guten Morgen or when you are greeting someone on the go!,Some more ways of greeting in German -

How fast is Hyderabad growing in terms of economy?

Hyderabad is one of the most fastest growing city in the world ,infact itu2019s ranked second only to Bangalore with 8.47%growth rate other cities include Surat,agra and Bangalore with 9.2%, 8.7%& 8.5%respectively.,ECONOMY:Recently Amazon has build the largest campus outside the U.S.(largest in entire india)and these campus can accommodate 25,000 w

What is the best online English to French translator?

I personally never trust on any online translation tool. They just provide literal translation and if you need a meaningful translation you need to go for an expert certified translator. I have always recommended to go for human translators as they understand the whole source content and the provide the meaningful translation of the same.

Where is Hogwarts located? We know its in Scotland highlands and near Dufftown.

According to the Harry Potter books, somewhere in Scotland. I would say lowlands because it takes them about 6u20137 hours to get there from London by train. Now, that estimate from Google maps is for modern trains, but I donu2019t see why a magical steamer couldnu2019t match modern speeds.,So, short answer: for sure in Scotland.,Check out Pottermo

What recipes using eggs still work with only the egg white?

Some do and most donu2019t. Eggs are typically included in recipes as emulsifiers. All of the emulsification properties of an egg are in the yolk. Egg whites are pretty much made of water and protein, which is why egg white omelettes are so awful. You canu2019t get a creamy texture using egg whites.

What are some myths about the Vietnam War?

Vietnam War Facts, Stats and MythsInformation presented by SFC (Ret) David Hack. Hack volunteered for service in Vietnam in 1968, joining the 1st Infantry Division. He served as a sergeant with the Big Red One in Lai Khe, Vietnam. Hack received the Purple Heart for major combat injuries, and spent the rest of his military career as a recruiter for

What is one serious, credible reason why I should consider a belief in your god(s)?

Praise be to Allah.,nFirst of All islam have the Holy Book Qur'an which all the muslims follow and Also the Sunnah/Hadiths (sayings of Prophet Mohammed),nQur'an is the only ancient book in which not even a singel alphabet have been changed since its formation,nThe Qur'an wasn't down to earth written it was a verbal and was later on written in scrip

What is good housekeeping?

Good housekeeping is what you intend it to be. It really depends on the context, and who you are keeping house for. If you are doing it for others it could look vastly different from personal housekeeping. The basis is keeping everything neat, not just for the sake of having things clean, but because cleanliness is necessary for happiness. I speak

Where do you insert a micro SD card in a laptop?

It depends on the type of laptop. Some have a MicroSD card slot, although these tend to be on smaller PCs. My Asus T100TA two-in-one laptop/tablet has a MicroSD slot in the right hand edge of the screen/tablet section. I also have a Lenovo MiiX two-in-one with a MicroSD slot in a similar position.,Some laptops have a full size SD slot. If there is